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Application of Farseer, Grandmaster Beefelements - ACCEPTED

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:26 am
by Beefelements
Hi folks !! Chris here!

We´ve met along in a PUG for hc ToS and i´ve got a great feeling about you, so i´ve decided to apply =)

So, you now know my name and met my main aswell =) Besides that char i play(not that often anymore) a destro lock(love the way it plays after 7.2) an Unholy DK(pretty interesting as well) and started on a SP (great st potential for raid bosses. Yet the only char i want to transfer to aggramar is Beef. After 7.3.5 kicks in i´ll work on lvling a couple of alts, probably a lock,sp and either an arms warr or a dk(cr is always a plus in a raid =)

My Experience with WoW started like 2006 when a couple of friends of mine showed me the game for the firstt time. I mained a warlock back then, but since i was like 15 i barely knewwhat to do and quit after WotLK came out. Came back when i first saw an ad for Legion, got really ´´turned on´´ by seeing illidans face all over te place, Made a new account, mained my lock, wich i later switched to beef (somewhere around 7.0.5 and fell in love with the class and stuck with it as my main until this very day.

I´m from a guild called animosity on CoA as of right now. I´ve been looking for a guild since i came back(was off between 7,1,5 and 7,2,5) . The main reason was that my first guild after i came back in legion was led by a drama queen and even if me and the most dedicated guys in the guild still are good friends i grew tired of looking for a place to stay and logged of for about 8 months. When i came back, i got invited to a guild one of my friends was in, but the guild went dead after a couple of weeks and i had to search further. I came in to FEARon CoA but couldn´t get a spot in their raid team so went further on to find a cozy place to stay. That´s how i came to animosity. But i don´t really hang along that much with them since there´s no connection, it simply don´t click between me and the guild so now i´m trying to charm you to let me into your hearths ;)

Well.. i love the social connection the game offers us and the storyline, for the most part. What i dislike in the game is all the complaining about how different classes suck atm (unbalanced in raids). Apart from that, i got some more dislikes, mostly directed to the players (rude assholes, ´´one wipe and i quitters, raging, and all you can dislike in a human being that interferes with an mmorpg like wow.

Gotta be honest on this one, i didn´t read it. But i raided with your team and i can easily name 5 things i like about you guys. You´re nice, polite ppl, with a good sense of humor. Your consistent and don´t give up when you wipe a couple of times. The most important is that you give ppl a chance (tried to help me get my curve on KJ for example) ... efelements is the link. I´d really prefer to play resto but can even go enh (got some enh gear in backpack, it would take a couple of days to update armory i suppose)

Speaking of raiding expierience. Due to having a hard time finding a guild i could find a spot in i mostly puged. Since i was a huuge coward and didn+t like to meet a bunch of dicks, i mostly puged normal (EN,ToV,NH) first when i came back in 7,2,5 i dared to play more in hc wich ennded up in 8/9 hc before the antorus came out. Asof today i cleared 7/11 antorus bosses on a normal pug, waiting to get my achiev so i can start raiding hc. I Did some raiding in en with my lock, but since we had problems with findinng healers i decided to swap and fell in love with the class =)

The thing i likemost in raids is the challenge, the possibility to improve yourself and finding nice folks to play with.My biggest dislike goes to assholes playing this game, yet again.

My greatest achievemetnt ? To get courage enoughto start raiding Hc in pugs. I was really afraid of doing hc since it wouldn´t be pleasant to hear how much i suck (even if it´s not entirely truth)

Patience is my definitively biggetst pro. My toons strenght might be it´s mastery and ease of use. Even the toolkit that can easily be tuned after the situation.

Definitely more cautious and take even more risks, to use a full potential of my toon. I´d love to run m+15 and higher with Beef and definitely try to get a mythic kill onat least2 off the bosses in antorus before the next expac =)

Hope you enjoyed the reading giggs and you find me to be an addition to your team =) Heve a good one guys and hit me on bnet when you´ve decided about my future =D

Re: Application of Farseer, Grandmaster Beefelements =D

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:05 am
by Giggs
Hello, Beef!

Thank you applying to Warseeker Tribe. Our members will take some time reading over your application, and we should have an answer for you within a few days. We may have some additional questions for you, so check back when you can.

We will try to be expedient so as to not mess with any character transfer limbo.


Re: Application of Farseer, Grandmaster Beefelements =D

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:32 pm
by Giggs
Hello Beefelements.

After some discussion, we’d like to offer you a spot on our roster as probationer. Please whisper an officer in-game for an invite.

Welcome to Warseeker Tribe!