Welcome to Warseeker Tribe
Aggramar EU (en)

Warseeker Tribe was created on 9 May 2005 and is one of the oldest guilds on the Aggramar server. We continue to have an awesome and strong community which we are very proud of and which has a fairly large number of members. The community may be diverse in its make-up, but has a shared outlook. WST is a rarity among large guilds, in that we have a casual approach. We raid, but we do not do it every night of the week. We do group content together and have as much fun wiping as we do downing bosses. We celebrate each other’s achievements and share many friendships across the guild, some of which have crossed into life outside WoW. We have an active guild chat and an active Discord, and while we have all shared many things together, we are also open and welcoming to new members.

Check out our Discord, applications are open for all roles and classes!

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