Spring cleaning

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Spring cleaning

Post by Mel » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:42 am

Warseeker Tribe is a guild for people, who enjoy playing World of Warcraft. The guild is thriving, new people join and new friendships are made while we play a game that we enjoy.

While friendships are made while playing in the guild, the guild is not made or run to keep those friendships alive when people stop playing - there are tons of other options for that. Having old farts logging in for a chat, meeting a lot of toon names they do not recognize and the active people being presented with some dude they have no idea who is, is not really fun for anyone. No, if you want to have the social interactions of the Warseeker Tribe, you need to be playing the game!

So, in preparation for Legion, we have purged our roster following our general inactivity guidelines. This means, that people who have not logged in on a Warseeker Tribe toon for more than six months (without giving us any notice) have been removed (all have recieved the usual personal in-game and forum notice too). If you get active in the game again, you are of course more than welcome to re-apply - and if we liked you, you will have an easy time getting a place by our hearth again.

In the meantime, enjoy what you are doing and you are welcome to drop us a line here, if you swing by.

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