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HOW-TO write an application for the Warseeker Tribe

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:07 am
by Mel
FIRST, read this post: Interested in joining the Warseeker Tribe? READ THIS FIRST.

Here you will find info on whether we are currently recruiting.

To apply, you will need to register at this site and then post an application in this forum using the guidelines below.

If you do not post an application using these guidelines, your application may be declined or deleted outright. Remember this is your opportunity to impress us and convince us that you will be a fit for us, so take your time and make it count.

Once you have posted an application, you will receive an initial response from a guild officer, and if the application meets the requirements below, the guild will get a chance to discuss your application and vote (however, if the application is terrible, the officers can decline it outright). After the guild has decided, we will let you know the outcome and the next steps, which may include follow-up questions or a trial run, and if your application is successful, an invitation to the guild as probationer. Probation normally takes 1-2 months and is a time to find out whether you really are a good fit for the guild - and whether the guild is what you are looking for.

All declined applications may be removed from the forums after one week, whereas all accepted applications will be removed after decision on probation.

Guidelines for applications (must be followed, so they are more like a code...)
- Tell us about the characters you're applying to join the guild with and any others of relevance including names and main guilds and present server (If you've moved server before or changed names please include this information.)

- Tell us if you are interested in also joining Warseeker Tribe in Wow Classic

- Describe your experiences in WoW to date.

- Tell us what you want from a guild and how any previous guilds you've been in have lived up to this.

- Tell us what do you enjoy about playing WoW, and what do you dislike.

- Read our guild charter and tell us what you think. Can you pick two things that particularly appeals to you?

- Please feel free to add anything else you feel would aid your application

If you are interested in raiding with us straight away, please provide the below information as well:

- Provide an armory link to your characters who you wish to raid with, showing them in their raiding gear for their preferred role

- Tell us more about your previous raiding experience, including name of the toon(s) and the guild(s) you raided with (if the previous raiding toons are different from the one(s) you are applying with, please also describe why you have changed focus)

- Describe what you like the most about raiding and what you dislike

- We would also like to know what you consider to be your greatest achievement in raiding to date

- Tell us what you consider to be your strengths as a player in raids and what do you consider to be your character's strengths

- and finally, tell us how you can improve in raids as a player and how would you aim to improve your character.