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Hi there! - INVITED

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:28 pm
by Kiryno
Hi Warseekers! I'm Diogo 30 years old and a business analysis.
My friend Rash convinced me to come back to wow and told me good things about this guild, so here i am.

- Tell us about the characters you're applying to join the guild with and any others of relevance including names and main guilds and present server (If you've moved server before or changed names please include this information.)
Kiryno : Shaman - Main: Restoration / Alt : Elemental, currently lvl 103.
I have others chars in others servers. But i wanted to started from scratch.

- Describe your experiences in WoW to date.
I started played wow in university, at least 10 year ago. I played a lot, more PVP than PVE. The last expansion that i played was cataclysm. I did arenas a lot 3vs3. PVE 5 man i explored everything. More than 5 i did some raids in the past like icecrown, naxramas etc

- Tell us what you want from a guild and how any previous guilds you've been in have lived up to this.
I want a mature guild that has ambitious in raid and a the same time to be friendly so we can have fun raiding or something else.
I have been in guilds in the past, but didn't like the raid guilds that i was (very strict, you have to come these days or you are kick, very stressed, people helling when things go wrong, people that thing we don't have more life than wow) - not what i am looking. I want to raid have fun and give always my best when i am playing.
I made a guild with a small group of friends in the past. 8 people. These times where very good. We played more PVP. But i remember doing Naxaramas with only 8 people, was very difficult but very challenging. We manage to do the safety dance and kill the boss at 1st shot :D. Teamwork

- Tell us what do you enjoy about playing WoW, and what do you dislike.
The need to have Coordination and Teamwork to achieve glory. I always play RPG and wow is a must in MRPG.
The dislike: pugs, child attitudes

- Read our guild charter and tell us what you think. Can you pick two things that particularly appeals to you?
"If you're mature and want to have fun without any pressure or whining and if you are looking for a friendly place to hang out filled with people who are passionate about the game and have been around the block; this could be the guild you're looking for. " These describe everything. Exactly what i am looking for.

- Please feel free to add anything else you feel would aid your application.
I stopped played 2 years ago when that group of friends decide to leave wow. For 2 years I thought about going back but didn't have a reference (friend). And after seeing rash playing, and asked some question, he convince me to come back. So, i buyed legion and started at 100 in agrammar, (Last week).
I only new this guild because of him but i liked what i read and what he told me.
In the past i didn't raided like i wanted, and i after checked this guild i want to come back again and play with you.
I am fast learner, a teamplayer and a calm person.

So i hope to see you guys soon.
I have a lot to learn and remember and with your help will be faster for sure :D.


Re: Hi there!

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:09 pm
by Giggs
Hello, Kyrino!

Thank you for applying to Warseeker Tribe. Your application will be presented to our members shortly, and we should have an answer to you in a few days. Check back when you can in case we have additional questions for you.


Re: Hi there!

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:22 pm
by Giggs
Hello, Kyrino.

After some discussion, we'd like to offer you a spot on our roster as probationer. Whisper an officer in-game for an invite.

Welcome to Warseeker Tribe!


Re: Hi there!

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:36 pm
by Kiryno

:) nice.

See you soon guys, in the game.