Interested in Joining the guild - INVITED

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Interested in Joining the guild - INVITED

Post by Sotaren » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:59 pm

- Tell us about the characters you're applying to join the guild with and any others of relevance including names and main guilds and present server (If you've moved server before or changed names please include this information.)

Sotaren <Death Proof>-Terokkar, Demon Hunter DPS (Main)
Candygrip <OMRYSSENSJÄLVFÅRVÄLJA> -Kazzak, Holy / shadow priest (Alt)

- Describe your experiences in WoW to date.

I started play durring 5th Anniversary. leveled a warlock, which bwcame my main up to Legion when i switched to Demon Hunter. I started raid first time in Firelands durring Cataclysm, but end of that raid tier guild disbanded so i got the opputunity shortly after to join a heroic raiding guild on the server, <No Comment> @Chamber of Aspects, they taught me about raiding properly and allowed me to grew within the guild, eventually became an officer there. We raided together untill after clearing ToT in Pandaria on hc, after which GM/RL took a long brake, and rest of team also stopped raid. After that i mostly pugged and helped out friends in other guilds durring there raids, which in WoD led me to join a few old guildies from <No Comment> in there new home on Terokkar in a guild called <Death Proof> , so i joined them durring HFC as a mythic raider. So we Raided mythic in Legion up to release of Antorus, when GM/RL got her health worse, so the raid team have taken a pause.

here are links to armory on my warlock and demon hunter, so You can see what they cleared (warlock old main, demon hunter new main)

Huuntrezz-Terokkar ... ntrezz/pve
Sotaren-Terokkar ... otaren/pve

- Tell us what you want from a guild and how any previous guilds you've been in have lived up to this.

What i want from a guild is a place i can call home, which is friendly, active and doing stuff together, whatever it may be, from achievment hunting to raiding. In >No Comment> we also used to clear older raids for achievs and mounts for those needing. And in <Death Proof we used to arrange something called wish weekends from time to time, where people first make a wishlist what they wanna do / need help with, then the guild decides and grant some wishes for people, all could join in on the fun though

- Tell us what do you enjoy about playing WoW, and what do you dislike.

I have met a lot of friends in wow over the years, some really good ones who remains till this day. On the minus side, it´s a timesink, LOL :)

- Read our guild charter and tell us what you think. Can you pick two things that particularly appeals to you?

The info and history of the guild, like beeing one of the oldest on Aggramar, so seems to me like a stable guild.
What the guild believe in and value.
The whole guild charter looks really good

- Please feel free to add anything else you feel would aid your application

If you are interested in raiding with us straight away, please provide the below information as well:

- Provide an armory link to your characters who you wish to raid with, showing them in their raiding gear for their preferred role ... ar/sotaren (Main) ... /candygrip (Alt)

- Tell us more about your previous raiding experience, including name of the toon(s) and the guild(s) you raided with (if the previous raiding toons are different from the one(s) you are applying with, please also describe why you have changed focus)

- Describe what you like the most about raiding and what you dislike

Fighting on hard bosses together, and that feeling when a tough boss finally dies. Can´t really come up with something i dislike, not even endless wiping annoys me.

- We would also like to know what you consider to be your greatest achievement in raiding to date

That have to be when i first started raid heroic back in Cata, and first come in contact with that guild via a LFM call in /trade.. turned out it was a guild-run so i was the only pug. Was a big step up since it was first time i set foot in a heroic raid and shortly after got invited to the guild.

- Tell us what you consider to be your strengths as a player in raids and what do you consider to be your character's strengths

I am a calm and stable player, having no problem beeing told what to do, or helping fellow members struggling a little. Stable mood, like i explained erlier, i don´t mind wiping for example, don´t whine over loot. I raid to have fun.
My toons strenths is it´s mobility to avoid fire or quickly get from A to B, great dps both single and aoe

- and finally, tell us how you can improve in raids as a player and how would you aim to improve your character.

By listening to others in the team who might know more or giving tips on a specific class that might have been overlooked by me. Reading up on fights and keeping up to date on the class playing on. Farming gear outside raids aswell if beeing a bit behind.

That was a bit of me, and if You have any more questions feel free to ask.


Jesper / Sotaren

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Re: Interested in Joining the guild

Post by Lycria » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi Sotaren,

thank you for your application. I will present it to the guild for discussion. It can take us some time, sometimes even a week to make up our minds. Feel free to stop back here for updates.

If you have any questions or would like to add anything else, please feel free to do so.

Lycria (110 Tauren feral druid)
Markessa (110 Undead frost mage)
Eclavdra (110 Blood Elf retribution paladin)

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Re: Interested in Joining the guild

Post by Giggs » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:27 pm

Hello, Sotaren.

After some discussion, we would like to offer you a spot on our roster as probationer. Please whisper an officer in-game for an invite.

Welcome to Warseeker Tribe!

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