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Interested in joining Warseeker Tribe? READ THIS FIRST

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:46 am
by Giggs
Warseeker Tribe has been on Aggramar since 2005 and is a guild where anything goes. If you want to raid, we can make you bleed for hours. If you want to be involved in some PvP, feel free to crush alliance all over guild chat. If you want to grind a million and one alts and explore every nook and cranny of the game, there is plenty of room for that. Anything goes. Everyone in the guild is a member of the community however they choose to play, and we value this above everything else.

If you're mature and want to have fun without any pressure or whining and if you are looking for a friendly place to hang out filled with people who are passionate about the game and have been around the block; this could be the guild you're looking for.

While we won't be getting server firsts, sometimes we rock and spill the blood of bosses across monitors all over Europe. Other days, we may not even get 10 men together on a raid night. This is not a problem for us - we do what we can with what we have - always have, always will - and it is critical that you understand and appreciate that attitude towards raiding if you are to be a success in the raiding teams of Warseeker Tribe.

We know and appreciate that normal raiding is vastly different and superior to LFR. Normal/guild raiding is all about learning, progressing, working as a team to overcome hard challenges. AND doing all of this with great people, who wants the same as you while pushing your toon to its maximum potential. We love that and want more of that in WoW, also for new players.

Our raids are led by players who have years (and years!) of experience in raiding and we've been here stomping dragons from Molten Core onwards. These days we all have responsibilities outside of Azeroth and although this doesn't stop us achieving results, we appreciate our raiding menu might not suit every taste. Even so, we are keen to make good progress through the raid instances by working together and being the best we can be ... sometimes we are awesome, sometimes we are not.

We normally raid Wednesday from 22:00 to midnight (server time), and Sunday from 21:00 to midnight (server time), with invites going out at 20:45. We try to rotate spots in a fair and open manner, should this necessary.

If you are like us - mature in attitude, experienced in raiding but are finding it increasingly difficult to commit to a tight raiding schedule due to a growing number of real life commitments - why not come and talk to us?! Our raiding scene allows us to enjoy our time with our wives/boyfriends/dogs/sandwich(s), while still getting the most from of our precious raiding time.

When looking for new players to join our guild, we do not look for specific classes and we welcome 10 year veterans and newly levelling players all the same; our most important consideration is whether we think you will fit into our community. We accept applications for both Battle for Azeroth and Wow Classic.

We are of course also interested in people who want to join our raiding team, but players who wish to do that must remember that your enthusiasm must match your readiness and skills. Our raiders know that the team either succeeds or fails together and the team spirit and respect they have for each other is what has kept the Warseeker Tribe raiding together for more than 10 years.

If this sounds like something for you, please also take a look at our Guild Charter and consider posting your application. For guidelines on how to apply, read this.